Teensy Hacker ++

Earlier this year at Defcon I got introduced to the world of exploiting (HID) human interface devices. At first I was wowed by the simplicity of the attack. I could not wait to get my hands on my first Teensy from www.pjrc.com.
Initial issues with the board:
  1. Comes with Mini - USB connector. (Creates suspicion, USB drive looks like a tool)
  2. Not enough on board memory to carry payload.
  3. On first run depending on the system its being plugged into there could be a fair bit of delay for the drivers to initialize which means the code may start executing before the keyboard is ready and the exploit is a FAIL!
Initial usage for Teensy:
  1. Prank tool: Mess with Desktop, random key strokes...You get the point
  2. Copy files from "Desktop" or "My Documents" to ftp
  3. Use power shell to wreck havoc!

Next Post: I will be putting up some code for the Teensy...